Duke of Edinburgh Expedition 12. – 14.06.2019

By Lauren | Published on June 17, 2019

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Hedgehog Class 10th-14th June & Daleby House

By Frankie Beverley | Published on June 17, 2019

Hedgehogs had a lovely week finishing off our story Dear Zoo.

We also had a fantastic time on our overnight stay at Daleby House.

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Seal’s Class Daleby House overnight in Beadnell – all about the sea this week!

By Jo | Published on June 14, 2019

Some of Seals Class went to Daleby House which looks over the sea through a big ‘picture’ window. We had a sunny (it really was!) late afternoon on Beadnell Beach. We have had a lovely ‘under the sea’ activity session today. Enjoy our colourful photos!

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Daleby House, Beadnell

By Dawn | Published on June 14, 2019

Puffin class spent a night at Daleby house in Beadnell, it was raining and a bit windy when we arrived but we put on our wellies and went for a walk on the beach to collect some pebbles to paint back at school. We enjoyed fish, smoky sausage or battered sausage with chips for tea before we watched  a movie. After a good nights sleep it was still raining and we decided to visit Round the Twist soft play.

We had a great time away and enjoyed having a sleep over with our friends. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Puffin class.

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Welcome back to Butterflies!

By Lauren A | Published on June 14, 2019

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