The curriculum at Hexham Priory School focuses on the individual learning needs of each pupil, or groups of pupils, so they make the best progress they can.

  • Each curriculum is designed by Class Teachers, their class teams and Heads of Department.
  • Class sizes are small, between 7-10 pupils in order for staff to personalise learning and promote independence.
  • Each class is taught by a Teacher and one or more Learning Support Assistants.
  • Pupils spend longer on topics and work at a level appropriate to their ability rather than their age.
  • Teaching and learning opportunities are planned for children to develop and refine their core skills in literacy and numeracy.
  • Pupils take part in daily lessons in which they work toward meeting individual targets that are regularly reviewed.
  • The school also places equal importance on helping pupils develop life skills that support their independence in the community and prepare them for their life after school.


Five areas of learning throughout our school

My Communication

English, Speech and Language

My Thinking

Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology

Myself and My Body

Personal, Social and Health Education (Relationship and Sex Education, Social Skills, self-care, behaviour), PE, Swimming, Rebound, Horse Riding, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Programmes

My World and My Community

History, Geography, Religious Education, Modern Foreign Language, Life Skills (Work Experience, Food Preparation, Enterprise) Citizenship, Careers Education, Information and Guidance

My Creativity

Art, Music, Drama

Although ‘My Communication’ is a discrete subject, we believe that it is at the heart of everything that we do and therefore runs through all curriculum areas.

Computing, PSHE, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education also pervade all areas.

To help classroom teams to create personalised curriculum around the needs of each pupil and to inform them of the content of individual curriculum we use:

  • National Curriculum subject content matched to our Areas of Learning
  • Priory Planners – designed to offer distinct curriculum areas to directly address our pupils learning need rather than an adaptation of the National Curriculum
  • Barrs Court Curriculum for pupils working at lower P levels
  • OCR Entry Level specifications for students in Key stage 5
  • Equals Schemes of Work
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