Early Years Foundation Stage

At Hexham Priory School we believe in giving every child a stimulating and motivating environment, in which they can develop to their full potential.

We welcome children from two years of age into our Early Years class. The class is run by a Teacher with experience of working within Early Years settings and with a wide range of special needs including Autism. The class is also supported by two Teaching Assistants.

We work closely with a range of professionals including Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to provide a rounded education for all pupils, which is designed to meet individual needs.

Through a wide range of child led activities and adult led activities we cover all areas of the Statutory Early Years Foundation Stage:

 Strategies We Use To Help Our Pupils

We have a range of strategies that we use to help pupil’s fulfil their potential within the Early Years Foundation Stage. The use of visual timetables, now and next boards, TEACHH including the use of workstations and objects of reference all help to provide a clear structure to our pupils.

Use of communication boards and signing alongside speech also help to develop pupil’s communication. The use of symbols around the classroom also help to develop their understanding of the environment.

Occupational Therapists work with us to create sensory profiles for our pupils where appropriate, which help to address any sensory needs, therefore helping the pupil’s to access the activities to their full potential.

Our Facilities

At Hexham Priory School we have an excellent range of facilities both indoors and outdoors to help your child’s development.

Facilities include a Sensory Room, Soft Play, Movement Room which is used under the guidance of Occupational Therapists, a fully equipped Gymnasium used for PE where appropriate and a Library.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage classroom is designed to be a more play led environment, but benefits from two workstation areas which can be used for more structured activities. We also have the use of a Quiet Room used for small group or individual work.

Our outdoor facilities include two large play areas providing play and climbing equipment and a range of bikes and trikes. We also have a well-established sensory garden with outdoor musical instruments and a smaller patio area directly accessed from the classroom which is used for outdoor teaching and play opportunities.



We welcome visits from prospective pupils and their families, so please get in touch if you would like any further information or if you would like to visit our Early Years Foundation Stage.

‘Each pupil’s journey through school usually begins with the excellent pre-school education. Here they gain confidence and contribute readily’.


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