Post 16 & Careers

Post 16

In Key Stage Five we aim to equip our pupils with the skills needed to enable them to lead a happy and fulfilled life beyond school. As each learner is different, each pupil’s `Learning Pathway` is different and suited to their interests, strengths, needs and aspirations. Each pupil, their parents and key professionals contribute to the `Learning Pathway` which includes the four keys areas in the DfE’s `Preparation for Adulthood`

Preparing For Adulthood 



Friends, Relationships and Community

Independent Living

Good Health


Pupils are entered for the OCR Life and Living Skills qualification and units from this are carefully chosen for each individual and are applied through their bespoke curriculum. Pupils can achieve levels Entry Levels between 1 and 3



Although each pupil’s curriculum might differ it will include the following at the appropriate level; independent travel training, life skills including shopping and budgeting, keeping healthy and persuing hobbies and interests, Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE) and Sex and Relationships Education (SRE), and communication.  Maths and English are taught in real life situations and evidenced through the OCR qualification.


Post School Destination and Careers Guidance

Careers guidance starts formally in Key Stage Four when pupils learn about different careers as part of their Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) lessons.  They look at different career options and are encouraged to think about their own strengths and what they might enjoy doing.  They look at job adverts and learn about the application process. They use IT skills to produce their own CV.  Some pupils in Key Stage Four start work experience through a local charity; The Hextol Foundation. They go every week either supported or by themselves. They learn the skills needed for the job itself as well as learning about other important aspects of work for example, punctuality, reliability, and social and communication skills. Some classes also run enterprise groups where they run a business making, marketing and selling products to raise funds for different class activities or resources.

Discussion with parents and carers about post school options is also started in Year Nine through the Annual Review process.

In Key Stage Five pupils and their families are supported and sign-posted through the relevant careers advice and guidance. School has developed relationships with local providers who might form part of a social care package for our leavers. Pupils take part in visits and staff help support transition. Some past pupils have gone onto to college and school have supported visits and assessments.

As part of the Key Stage Five curriculum pupils take part in Student Enterprise or work experience placements (either supported or independent).

Work experience

We have developed strong links with several local business' e.g. Waitrose, Hextol, Hexham Abbey so that students that excel in student enterprise in school are able to progress to a real work environment.  These pupils go to a regular weekly work experience placement and some are able to do this independently, learning skills which will prepare them for their future beyond school.


Student Enterprise

We have several enterprise ventures in Sixth Form all of which are designed to increase and develop skills for the workplace. Learners work towards individual OCR targets within these lessons which incorporate various life and living skills such as domestic and household skills as well as encouraging functional communication and maths skills.


Our food preparation and catering inspired business is a constant throughout the year. Students are involved in every aspect of the business from accounts, customer service and relations, advertising, quality control, preparation and service, delivery and stock replenishment. Currently students prepare and cook lunches for staff twice per week including various soup and jacket potatoes. HP6 also offers a takeaway pizza service (every Thursday) aimed at pupils who are able to order a pizza to take home for their tea

HP6 café offers drinks and snacks for various school functions and performances. This runs from our school Dining Room and during which and pupils may adopt various roles including, service staff, kitchen staff, cleaners and supervisory roles where appropriate.

Grease Lightening

Our car washing and mini valet service 'Grease Lightening' (this is not a typo - our aim is to lighten your greasy cars) runs during the warmer months and offers staff and outside visitors the opportunity to have their cars cleaned for a reasonable price. This year we plan to run the car wash alongside HP6 café so that our customers can enjoy a hot drink and a snack whilst they wait.