Shared Placement

At Hexham Priory School we firmly believe in the value of partnership working and we enjoy excellent relationships with many local mainstream (First, Middle and High) schools. We are strongly committed whenever appropriate to offer our pupils access to mainstream learning opportunities

During the last eighteen years, Hexham Priory School has developed effective and proactive partnerships with local mainstream schools to establish successful inclusive practice. Through effective communication and sharing of expertise and resources pupils are able to enhance their learning opportunities and benefit from a wider range of experiences and skills within their local community.

By taking part in shared placements pupils in the words of one parent get the ‘best of both worlds’, in that they receive high quality education in a school with skilled staff and state of the art facilities and they also enjoy excellent learning opportunities in their local mainstream school. The latter of which allow them to become part of their community and gain all the benefits that this brings.


Effective inclusive practice has developed between Hexham Priory School and local mainstream schools to allow pupils from either school to attend the host school on a regular basis for part of the day. Individual pupils are assessed and depending on their needs this may be for designated lessons to enrich their learning experience, specialized sessions that are not available at their own school such as Speech and Language Therapy or for social integration purposes. Pupils are normally supported by a Teaching Assistant from their own school and remain on their main school register.

Shared Placements

Some pupils will have a Statement of Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan that clearly states they have a placement in two schools, they will be on the register of whichever school they attend for the majority of the week. Pupils attend both schools for designated lessons each week and they may spend amounts of time in both schools depending on their needs and their parent's wishes. Discussion takes place between parents, teachers from both schools and other professionals such as Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapists to make the decision. The amount of time spent between both schools can vary and is usually assessed at either an interim or annual review.

How do the two schools communicate about the pupil?

Strong communication links between Hexham Priory School’s Teachers and the Inclusion Teaching Assistant and the relevant mainstream Teachers and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (Sencos) are in place.

Both schools attend the pupil’s Annual Review meeting which is hosted by the school in which the pupil spends the majority of time. Pupils have a home to school diary which is used by both of the schools and parents to communicate daily.

Hexham Priory School also delivers an outreach service to all of our pupils that spend time in a mainstream school. Where a pupil spends 50% or more of their placement at a mainstream school this takes place on a termly basis. Outreach work includes the following elements

Joint Indivdual Education Plan (IEP) meetings where staff from both schools evaluate and re-draft the pupil’s IEP in consultation with parents and other professionals

Classroom work to observe the pupil in different settings and give advice on curriculum differentiation

Opportunities to work with the pupil and their mainstream Teaching Assistant demonstrating different teaching methods and approaches.

Is a shared placement suitable for all pupils?

Pupils with a wide range of needs currently have shared placements but decisions are always made on an individual basis. Some pupils have benefited from a full time placement at Hexham Priory School initially, starting a shared placement at Key Stage Two, whilst others begin full time education in a mainstream school and move onto a shared placement when the mainstream curriculum becomes more challenging.

What extra opportunities can Hexham Priory School offer a pupil that may not be available in a mainstream school?

Hexham Priory School has access to a wide range of professionals working alongside the school that specialise in specific areas for example; Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Educational Psychologists. Pupils have individual learning targets that are appropriate to their needs.

All staff working at Hexham Priory School are committed, skilled and experienced in working with pupils with special educational needs.

Hexham Priory School has very high quality specialist resources for the teaching of all aspects of the curriculum.

Teachers effectively differentiate the curriculum to suit every child’s individual needs.

Pupils are usually placed in class groups with pupils of their chronological age, giving opportunities to extend peer groups and develop new friendships.

Parents are welcome to visit the school. If you feel that shared placement might benefit your child, please call to make an appointment. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact School if you would like more information.