Hexham Priory School works with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who all contribute towards the total educational experience of the pupils.

We have a Therapy Room in school where therapists can work with our pupils and a Therapy Office where therapists can carry out paperwork. We are lucky enough to have these professionals in school during the week and they are time tabled into the classes.


Speech and Language Therapists: Hayley Fawcett

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant: Hazel Barclay

Medical Officers: Dr Gill Turner, Dr Arpita Bhattacharya

School Nurse: Fran Millar

Educational Psychologists: Victoria Hall, Jennifer Lansberry

Physiotherapists: Sylvia Tingate 

Occupational Therapy Service: Jigsaw Therapy Services

Teacher of the Hearing Impaired: Johanna Philipson

Teacher of Multi Sensory Impairment: Helen Boyd

Teacher of the Visually Impaired: Brendan Dowling


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