Medical Info

Parents have prime responsibility for their child’s health and will be asked to provide school with up to date information about their child’s medical needs. Individual medical forms are sent out to parents/guardians prior to admission into Hexham Priory School and it is a requirement that these are signed and dated by a parent/guardian.

In order for any medication to be administered in school, written instructions must be given by parents or guardians. This also applies to antibiotics or any other short term medication. Forms for short term medication can be obtained from the school nurse (or downloaded from here). These must be signed and returned to school prior to any medication being administered at school.

Any medication being sent to school should be handed directly to the escort on your child’s transport; or alternatively, they should be informed that medication is contained in your child’s school bag. Medication will be locked in a medical cupboard or fridge and administered by our school nurse or a member of staff. All medication must be clearly labeled which includes the pharmacy details. It is also useful to know how your child likes to take his/her medication i.e. crushed/in juice/off a spoon etc.

Medication will be safely transported for residential visits and outings.



Contact our School Nurse Fran or Cheryl on 01434 613440


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